Why you should take a Tent Carpet?

Why you should take a tent carpet? – You might wonder that you don’t need yet some other item to take on your tenting ride, however, a tent carpet or rug can make a big difference with your camping and tenting experience especially when it’s a family trip and you stay longer than 1 night.

We’re going to provide you a couple of top reasons why you want a tent carpet, however, to start will explain to you a couple of basics first.

What is a tent carpet?

Well, it’s not the same as rocket technology to work out what a tent carpet is – it’s a carpet-like rug that sits snugly at the floor of your tent on top of the tent basic groundsheet. They are designed to contribute your overall comfort, it often resonates with the tent colors, provides a more luxurious feel, and helps to easily clean out your tent as well. Often the tent carpets are also used in the tent extensions.

Why should you buy a tent carpet during your camping adventure, some motivations!

Why you should buy a Tent Carpet is answered and explained in short with the below 5 bullets:

  • Comfort
  • Insulation
  • A Tent Carpet provide extra protection on “droppings” ; – )
  • Noise
  • Style


One of the first and biggest motivating reasons to buy a tent carpet is the additional insulation you will get from a tent carpet. Think about your carpet back home, it provides you that comfortable feel, warm and soft and looks great too.

The standard tent’s groundsheet (which is your basic tent layer where you stand on) is not specifically designed for comfort. A tent carpet can help out is soften any lumps and bumps underfoot, in addition, to provide a far more comfy location to sit or for youngsters to play or relax. Also getting up in the morning instead, taking the first walk barefoot on a carpet is a lot more high-quality feel than on a cold groundsheet!

Some tent rugs are also waterproof or have a built-in system being water repellant and water-resistant, these could even be used outdoors too. Think about an open extension or awning.



Having only a groundsheet between you and the ground underneath isn’t precisely a great way insulation and a lot of nice warmth can easily be lost via the ground, even when you already have used a good tent footprint or Groundsheet. So, using a tent carpet always offers that extra degree of insulation, and way more comfort when you put out your shoes or boots. Overall your experience definitely improved in comparison with no tent carpet at all.

Some tent rugs and carpets have has some special thermo treatment and have a tested and increased insulation property, you can find these technical additions often in the specification of the tent carpets specs. Here an example.


A Tent Carpet provide extra protection on “droppings” ; – )

Extra Protection with a tent carpet…,

Small accidents always happen and despite you are a very cautious person it can happen that you accidentally drop something on the floor, a glass, knife or something sharp. It could damage the tent’s original base-floor and in a worse case, you have to repair the damage which could be a very difficult and tricky thing to do as often the tent is made of specific and special materials.

With a tent carpet, you will notice you have added some extra protection, as many of the tent carpets are made of soft material which will, next to comfort and insulation, protect your items dropped on the floor.

This may be very tricky, but when you have a tent carpet, you then have much greater protection against such accidents. If you have damaged the tent Carpet, this would obviously be an easier repair task than repairing the tent floor’s Groundsheet.

Despite the fact, you have checked and cleaned the pitch before installing the groundsheet and on top of that you have installed the tent, still, you can be confronted with some debris or a bumpy surface, a tent carpet will definitely help you smoothen out possible uncomfortable areas in the tent.

Especially when you have a pitch for a longer period of time a tent carpet is the right way forward.



That crunchy and in some cases disturbing sound of a tent groundsheet while you stroll on it… for some, it could be the same as a loud sneeze every time you want to move into your tent. A tent Carpet will often resolve any additional noise and therefore one other good reason to start using a good carpet for your tent and contribute to relaxing surroundings for all of us.


Tent groundsheets aren’t precisely going to win any fashion awards any time soon. Most tents are quite alluring these days, but the flooring of your tent is, nicely, a pretty boring. A tent carpet will help you add a nice and interesting flavor to your tent’s décor. Yes, as said, a good tent carpet will bring in additional comfort and contribute to a relaxing atmosphere – a home away from domestic.

Here are a couple of other questions and answers that might help you as well…

Your Tent Carpet is moving around, here how you can prevent that happening.

Most tent carpets will stay in position quite well, especially as soon as you have got camping equipment placed on top of it. However, in case you do have an issue along with your tent carpet shifting around, then a few carpets have a non-slip backing to avoid this problem. Check the product specifications to ensure you get one that meets your necessities. An example (EUROHIKE Tent Carpet)  of such carpets you can find here:

How to clean a tent carpet

Your tent carpet is going to get quite grubby, however, the good news is that they’re pretty smooth to clean. Treat it as you’ll most other carpets – vacuuming the whole carpet will remove most dust and dirt, you can during the camping exercise use a dustpan and can.

When cleaning with water use neutral soap and then scrub gently on the fabric or use a carpet cleaner if you have any specifically dirty regions. However, don’t be tempted to put the tent carpet in the washing system, as this will damage or cast off the backing, eventually destroying the carpet.