Why take a Semi Rectangular Sleeping Bag?

Why take a semi rectangular sleeping bag?  – When choosing a sleeping bag based on shapes, you do not want to go big and roomy as this could mean extra luggage.

Neither do you want to go for the narrow shaped mummy bags either, they tend to be limiting in terms of space and can be the cause of an uncomfortable camping experience.

This is where the semi-rectangular shaped sleeping bag comes in; the best of both worlds. Not too big to consume extra space when packing and not too small to confine you when you sleep.

What is a Semi Rectangular shaped sleeping bag?

A semi-rectangular shaped sleeping bag is a barrel-shaped sleeping bag that strikes a compromise between the rectangular-shaped sleeping bags and mummy-shaped sleeping bags.

The bag has a tapered form, which is crucial is in the provision of more warmth compared to a rectangular sleeping bag and spacious than a mummy bag.

What is the best size for a Semi-Rectangular sleeping bag?

One key factor that impacts your choice for a sleeping bag includes the size. For a semi-rectangular sleeping bag, selecting one sized at 32’ by 82’ will ensure you get the best size at it can fit a six-foot human being and is spacious enough to allow room for movement during at night.

Is there a specific use for Semi Rectangular shaped sleeping bags?

While you can decide to use a semi-rectangular with a sleeping pad, you can also decide to use it without, as it does not come attached to it.

While out camping and backpacking, just find a good flat spot and lay your tent and sleeping bags for a goodnight’s sleep.

One key use of the semi-rectangular sleeping bag is using it as a filler. That is, you can roll your items in the sleeping bags and have them enclosed on the compression sack provided. This is key in saving up space.

Why are Semi Rectangular shaped sleeping bags popular?

Semi-rectangular sleeping bags are a popular choice for people stuck between space and warmth.

This bag can be perfect for first-time campers as it offers the best of both worlds in terms of the shape of the bag.

Additionally, the semi-rectangular bags are fairly priced without compromising on quality, meaning you pay a relatively small price for a great load of comfort.

Are Semi Rectangular shaped sleeping bags comfortable?

The semi-rectangular sleeping bag is no doubt one of the most sleeping bags out there.

Since they strike a midpoint between the rectangular sleeping bags and the mummy sleeping bags, you can be guaranteed of a rectangular bag space coupled with a mummy bag’s warmth.

Sleep in a semi-rectangular sleeping bag is not limited by any restrictions. And in cases where the night is more colder, you can add in a jacket without worrying about space inside the bag.

What is the most used filling for Semi Rectangular shaped sleeping bags?

The most commonly used filling for semi-rectangular sleeping bags is the down fill. This type of filling is characterized by its extra warmth and super light in terms of weight.

Therefore sleeping bags with down filling can be used at extreme temperatures and are very light to carry around.

One key disadvantage of down filling is that it is very expensive and can raise the total cost of the sleeping bag.

Do you need an inner liner with a Semi Rectangular shaped sleeping bag?

While the layers of a semi-rectangular sleeping bag are enough and very comfortable, you can use an inner liner for extra comfort. You want to make sure that you are selecting a liner made from breathable and water-resistant fabric for the best results.

Is a Semi Rectangular shaped sleeping bag for backpacking?

Semi-rectangular sleeping bags can be a great choice for backpacking. First, they come with a hood included so you can rest easy knowing that you are well equipped to fight extreme night temperatures.

Secondly, the use of a down filling makes it a very light inclusion in your packing, meaning that you can bring it with you anywhere without feeling the extra weight on your overall load.

Do Semi Rectangular shaped sleeping bags zip together?

Fastening a semi-rectangular bag when sleeping will require you to use the included zips.  Semi-rectangular sleeping bags come with a ZipPlow system aimed at pulling the fabric away from snagging when you are zipping.

How to use a Semi Rectangular shaped sleeping bag?

If you have decided to use your semi-rectangular sleeping bag with a sleeping pad, you will be required to set the sleeping pad first.

This can be done through inflation, or you can opt for a self-inflating sleeping pad.

The next step involves setting up the sleeping bag either on the ground or on the sleeping pad. Unpack your sleeping bag and set it on the sleeping pad. You will find the zip as a key addition that will help confine the head inside the bag.

Additionally, you can use the semi-sculpted hood tightens in controlling how tight you want the hood to be for maximum heat retention.

How to pack a Semi Rectangular shaped sleeping bag?

Packing a semi-rectangular bag is very easy. In a much similar fashion as the other sleeping bags, fold it into a half and have the edges joined to each other.

Roll up the folded sleeping bag and then fit in the compression sack that came alongside it.

How do I buy the right type and size Semi Rectangular shaped sleeping bag?

Arriving at the best semi-rectangular sleeping bag should be prompted by personal needs. However, there are a number of key factors that ensure you get the best quality. A quality semi-rectangular sleeping bag will serve you very well and will last for long.

  • Size: When getting rectangular, make sure it is of the perfect size. That is, you can fit in very well without issues of limited space for movements and stretching. The perfect size of a sleeping bag is 32’ by 82’. This size will perfectly fit a 6-foot adult.
  • Material: The material that your sleeping bag is made of is very important. It is important to ensure that you get the best to ensure maximum comfort and heat insulation. If you are camping in wet climates with temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, you should opt for sleeping bags made of nylon or polyester shell material and with a synthetic filling. For cold and dry temperatures, you want to choose a sleeping bag made of nylon material for the shell and a down feather fill.
  • Comfort: A good semi-rectangular sleeping bag should excel in the comfort department. You want to ensure that your sleeping bag is spacious enough and at least has a hood, which is key in added heat insulation.

Clostnature Sleeping Bag

The Clostnature sleeping bag is a 5 star rated semi-rectangular sleeping bag loved for its cold weather capabilities, compact and lightweight nature. The sleeping bag has a temperature rating of about 15 – 50 degrees and remains warm even in the extreme end of the temperature spectrum. Maximum comfort is achieved at about 30 – 40 degrees.

Additionally, the sleeping bag comes packed with a number of extra features such as a right and a left zipper, which allow for zipping to other sleeping bags for family and couple uses. The zips are protected from snagging by the extra patch design used in building the sleeping bag. You will find the bottom zipper in handy when looking to ventilate your feet.

Are Semi Rectangular shaped sleeping bags better?

Semi-rectangular bags offer the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and heat insulation.

On one side, you are getting a spacious sleeping bag, with the ability to maintain heat like a mummy bag. This type of sleeping bag is the perfect weapon against cold night across all spring, fall, and winter nights.

What do (250/300/400) GSM ratings mean on (Semi Rectangular shaped) sleeping bags?

GSM ratings on a semi-rectangular bag refer to the sleeping bag’s gram per square meter fill. The more the fill per square meter, the higher the GSM rating.

Therefore a semi-rectangular sleeping bag with a GSM 400 rating will have more fill, more warm, and more comfortable compared to a semi-rectangular sleeping bag with a GSM 250 rating.


What would be the best pillow to use with a Semi Rectangular shaped sleeping bag?

You do not require a pillow when using a semi-rectangular sleeping bag since you can use the attached hood to substitute for a pillow.