Why take a Double Sleeping Bag?

Why take a double sleeping bag? – For some extra comfortable experience during camping, many people are inclined towards sleeping bags which offer them warmth and enough space to enjoy each other’s company without taking tension about sleeping still in restricted positions.

Double Sleeping Bags are ideal for such people who like to snuggle in cold nights with each other in a completely comfortable environment. This handy guide will help you out to find out more about double sleeping bags, we hope you get the best out of it!

What are Double Sleeping Bags?

Camping can offer you escape into isolation but it does not mean that you can’t enjoy the cold and cozy camping nights with a partner. For a partner, you will need a sleeping bag in which two people can easily adjust and for this purpose, a double sleeping bag is best for you. Double sleeping bags are designed in such a way that two people can very easily adjust inside it and snuggle together without having to worry about the restriction issue.

Is there a specific use for Double Sleeping Bags? 

Different brands are designing different types of double sleeping bags. The number of zippers, pads, and size may vary but usually, all of the double sleeping bags are used in the same way as other sleeping bags in quick easy steps.

Are Double Sleeping Bags popular?

Yes, of course, double sleeping bags are popular as many of the leading brands are designing these bags according to the personal needs of people who like to snuggle in cold weather. Some of the leading brands like Big Agnes, Ohuhu, Sleepingo, Marmot, Kelty, The North Face, and Mountain hardware, etc offer perfect double sleeping bags. Apart from sleeping bags, these brands also design other camping gear such as quilts for backpacking purposes and tents.

Are Double Sleeping Bags Comfortable?

The best part of double sleeping bags is that you can wriggle around comfortably inside it with your partner as there is quite enough space inside double sleeping bags. You are not even restricted to sleep in a specific position that usually happens when you’re sleeping inside a mummy sleeping bag so no doubt double sleeping bags are comfortable.

What is the most used filing for a Double Sleeping Bag?

Synthetic filling is mostly used by double sleeping bags and the reason is that this filing uses poly fibers and can be easily washed even if it gets wet. Besides, as compared to down filling that keeps you warm but is very expensive and does not get dry, synthetic filing is quite affordable and better.

Do you need an inner liner for Double Sleeping Bag?

It’s your choice that whether you want to use a liner or not but most of the time, cotton or fleece liners are used for double sleeping bags.

Can a Double Sleeping Bag used for Backpacking?

Backpackers who are couples, highly recommend double sleeping bags because it makes their camping experience wonderful as they can enjoy the company of their partners snuggling together in cold and cozy weather.

Do Double Sleeping Bags zip together?

Not all double sleeping bags come with zippers. In some cases, there are no zippers with the bags but if your bag got zippers then it will zip apart in two solo sleeping bags. Besides, if your double sleeping bag has zips on each side then it will help you out in not disturbing your partner in the middle of the night.

How to use Double Sleeping Bag?

The usage of this sleeping bag is the same as the rest of sleeping bags except for the fact that in a double sleeping bag you got a partner to give you company. Just spread the liner if you got one and then unfold your sleeping bag and get inside it.

How to pack a Double Sleeping Bag?

For packing the double sleeping bag, first spread it on the surface and then start folding it. When it’s in half then join the zipper with the other one that is on the other corner from the top. By doing this, you will get a better grip and can roll the bag more efficiently. In the end, you can put the bag into the sack.

How can you buy the right type and size of Double Sleeping Bag?

A low-quality double sleeping bag will not last long. To buy the most suitable bag according to your personal needs, there are some important factors which you have to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at these factors:

  • Size and type are two of the most important factors which you have to look before buying your double sleeping bag. You can’t buy a bag that is small for you to fit in. So always look for a bag that is comfortable enough for you to fit in. If you got some good height then prefer buying a large-sized double sleeping bag.
  • Weight- People usually prefer a light weighted sleeping bag when they are planning to go for a camping trip. A heavy bag is difficult to carry as it will become a burden for you. If you’re looking for a double sleeping bag that can be easily carried then you can also buy a bag that weighs 6lbs. You can also compress some sleeping bags into smaller ones so that they can be easily carried.
  • Outer Material- The material of your double sleeping bag also plays an important role. You can buy a sleeping bag made from nylon if you want it to resist wind and water, a sleeping bag made from polyester is very light and can also resist water so you don’t have to worry about rain damaging your double sleeping bag.
  • Inner Pockets- A double sleeping bag with inner pockets is good for you because in this way you can keep your favorite items in those pockets such as lip gloss, mobile phones or something else.
  • Warranty- Usually most of the double sleeping bags come with a warranty of 1 year or 3 years so you can also check out the warranty during the buying procedure of double sleeping bags.

Are Double Sleeping Bags better?

The perfect double sleeping bag consists of plenty of space, enough insulation and without a doubt is comfortable for both you and your partner. So we can say that double sleeping bags are better.

What do (250/300/400) GSM ratings mean on a (Double) Sleeping Bag?

The comfort and warmth entirely depend upon GSM that typically means the weight of sleeping bag per meter. If your double sleeping bag got 250 GSM then it means it is less likely to provide you enough warmth as compared to a double sleeping bag that comes with 400 GSM. To put it in simple words, the higher the number the more warmth you will get from your double sleeping bag.

What would be the best pillow to use with a Double Sleeping Bag?

Inflatable pillows can be used with double sleeping bags because they are quite convenient and you can also move them around if you want to.

Final Verdict

We hope that now it is clear and easy for you to select the perfect double sleeping bag for yourself with the help of this guide that matches your personal needs with some important factors such as comfort, size, and weight, etc. After selecting your double sleeping bag, it is also important to take care of it because if you will roughly use it, your double sleeping bag will certainly lose its charm. So it is very evident that if you will handle your double sleeping bag with care, it will last longer.