What is a Mummy Sleeping Bag?

Why a mummy sleeping bag?  – In this post, you will get to know about a hood designed sleeping bag typically known as “Mummy Sleeping Bag”. So let’s find out more about this versatile sleeping bag!

What is a Mummy Sleeping Bag?

This type of sleeping bag comes shaped like a mummy where the sides taper and narrows as you come from the top to the bottom side. Ideally, the perfect size for a mummy bag should be 230 x 80 x 55 cm when unpacked and about 37 x 23 cm.

This sleeping bag is ideal for camping in very cold temperatures as its shape helps conserve energy by ensuring that only a small space requires heating. Having a small space requiring heating ensures that this type of bag is very warm compared to other shapes such as the rectangular sleeping bags.

However, due to the small shape, some people might find this bag a bit uncomfortable as there is less space to move while inside. While restricting movement helps a great deal in conserving energy, it might be a little uncomfortable. Therefore, if you love your internal sleeping bag space when sleeping, this type of sleeping bag is not for you.

Is there a specific use for Mummy Sleeping Bag?

Mummy Sleeping Bag is easy to use and does not require any specific effort because you just have to lie down like a mummy in the sleeping bag and fall asleep and as explained colder environments do ask for a Mummy Sleeping Bag.

Why Mummy Sleeping Bags are popular?

Mummy sleeping bags are popular for many reasons such as the warmth and comfort which the sleeper gets from them as well as the instant relief from carrying out the bulky sleeping bags. You can easily transport mummy sleeping bags from one place to another and enjoy the superb warmth in cold temperatures without worrying about getting sick from cold.

Are Mummy Sleeping Bags Comfortable?

For some people, theses sleeping bags can be comfortable while for others, they prove to be uncomfortable. In cold weather, mummy sleeping bags provide enough warmth to the sleeper to sleep peacefully without getting disturbed. These sleeping bags maintain the temperature properly and for this purpose, these bags are highly recommended for camping trips by many of the climbers and hikers. Other people think that mummy sleeping bags are uncomfortable because you have to lay straight like a mummy and chances of turning around are not that much as required by them.

What is the most used filing for Mummy Sleeping Bags?

Most of the time, a hollow fiber filling is used to get better insulation and experience extra softness. Made from a hollow strand of polyester, this type of filling allows for air to be trapped in the hollow center, providing you with the lofty and warm feeling when camping. Additionally, this type of filling makes the sleeping bag light, making it easier to pack.

However, when using a sleeping bag filled with hollow fiber filling, do not expect it to last long. The simple synthetic makeup of the hollow fiber filling reduces the sleeping bag’s lifespan greatly and therefore advisable to look for mummy bags with other types of fills such as non-synthetic type of filling. This type of filling will also tend to be bulky and not advisable for backpacking scenarios.

Do you need an inner liner for Mummy sleeping bags?

A liner is considered to be very thin in size sack of cloth that is specially made to be slipped inside your sleeping bag. You can use a liner if you have a 2 to 3 season mummy sleeping bag so that if temperature drops, it will provide you with enough warmth and your sleeping bag will last longer and if you have a bit dirty clothing than the inner liner help here too.

Can Mummy sleeping bags used for backpacking?

Mummy sleeping bags are ideal for backpacking purposes because of their lightweight as compared to other sleeping bags such as a rectangular sleeping bag. Backpackers usually avoid carrying bulky sleeping bags so mummy sleeping bags would be a great option for a camping trip where a backpacker doesn’t have to carry bulk.

Do Mummy Sleeping Bags zip together?

This can only be possible if one mummy sleeping bag is right zipped and the other one is left zipped. If this can’t be done, then one bag will be upward while the other one will be downward making the whole situation quite uncomfortable.

How to use Mummy Sleeping Bags?

Using a mummy sleeping bag is quite easy. If you got the liner then pop it over the camper mat. After that, pop out your sleeping bag from the sack and keep your legs flat when you’re entering inside the bag there afterward, when you lie down, put your head inside the hoodie and close the sleeping bag upward towards your head. That’s it! Now you’re ready to enjoy the heat retention in a mummy position.  Of course, a good sleeping pad or mattress is also crucial.

How to pack a Mummy Sleeping Bag?

Mummy Sleeping Bag is specially designed to provide you with the maximum amount of comfort and warmth. When it’s the time to roll up a mummy sleeping bag, you may face some issues due to its bulky insulation. This bulky insulation can cause trouble for you while rolling and packing the sleeping bag.

  • Rolling and Unrolling the mummy sleeping bag increases the chances of the insulation to get damaged. To avoid this, you should try to keep the bag in a cotton pillowcase or leave it in the closet just in case if you don’t have any storage rack available for the sleeping bag.
  • Rolling of the bag becomes easier when straps are available near the head side of the bag. During the process of rolling, always make sure that you don’t leave any of your items in the sleeping bag such as clothes, snacks or something else. After figuring out that there is nothing left inside the bag, you can start rolling it. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the bag is completely zipped because unzipped bags cause trouble while rolling.
  • Now that you’re all set to roll the sleeping bag, first, make sure that the surface is clear for the bag to get rolled. In hilly areas, you can’t always find clear surfaces but still, you got the ground tar of the tent that will allow you to easily roll the bag. Also, ensure that there is no large air left inside the pockets of the bag because it will leave the sleeping bag in an uneven position making it look weird.
  • Now hold the bag in half-length by length so that the sides can line up with the zipper. There is no need to align the edges with each other but it would be good if you keep them close to each other.
  • After lining up the edges, now you can roll the mummy bag in an upward position from your feet side. Use some force with the help of your knees to check whether there is some air left in the pockets of the bag or not. This makes it easier for you to roll the bag quite firmly. One more important thing is that when you sit on the bag by using your knees, the bag can be rolled tightly. The only goal is to leave no air left inside the bag. The last 2-3 inches can be rolled up with your fingers just to firm the tightness of mummy sleeping bag.
  • The straps can also help you a lot at the end of your sleeping bag’s rolling up procedure. The role of the strap is to cinch up your sleeping bag when it is rolled up finally. Most of the sleeping bags consist of straps but just in case the sleeping bag doesn’t come up with a strap, then you can use a belt or rope.
  • When you’re done with rolling up your mummy sleeping bag, you should try keeping it at a dry place because a wet place can completely damage your sleeping bag and at the end of the day you have to throw it. To avoid this, you should always avoid sleeping in a bag that is wet because a damp sleeping bag is very dangerous for you.

How to buy the right type and size Mummy sleeping bag?

Mummy bags are available in large sizes as well as regular sizes to give you a perfect snug feeling. Make sure that you buy a sleeping bag that is comfortable for you to fit in and is also having a hood to provide additional warmth to your head.

Are Mummy Sleeping Bags better?

The answer to this question is yes because mummy sleeping bags are excellent heat insulators providing you warmth in cold and cozy weather conditions besides, these bags are very easy to carry and store compared to other sleeping bags, which are quite bulky.

Apart from warmth and comfort, also look for a sleeping bag that has pockets for a pillow to adjust. Lastly, take care of your mummy sleeping bag so that you can benefit from it for a long period.

What do (250/300/400) GSM ratings mean on (Mummy) Sleeping Bags?

250/300/400 GSM is the amount of filing in terms of weight for example if your mummy sleeping bag weighs 400 grams per meter, then the sleeping bag will be warmer as the higher the number the warmer will be the sleeping bag. This is the same for 250 and 300 grams per meter for mummy sleeping bags.