The Average Costs to go Parasailing

Parasailing is an enjoyable activity for people who love adventure and enjoy water sports. It’s also an excellent vacation activity because it gives you incredible views from a different perspective, allowing you to see new places in a new way.

Suppose you plan to include parasailing in your next outing or vacation or give a parasailing experience to the adventurous people in your life.

In that case, you may be wondering how to budget for the activity and the average costs to go parasailing. Here is a guide to help you plan ahead.

Parasailing Price Factors

The costs of a parasail ride can vary dramatically. Some of the factors that drive parasailing prices are:

Where in the World You Will Be Parasailing

The cost to go parasailing may be higher in pricey destination summer spots like Maui or Ibiza or more affordable in less popular places like Atlantic City or Croatia.

What Time of Year You Will Be Parasailing

Parasailing is a popular tourist activity, especially in the summer, when it is most expensive. Depending on the climate, parasailing may not be available in the winter, but it will always be more affordable in the spring and fall than in the height of summer.

The Capacity of the Boat and the Size Of Your Group

Some parasail operators offer options for boat capacity. Often a boat that can hold 6-8 passengers is more expensive than a boat that can hold 12 or more. However, if you are traveling with a larger number of people, you can often arrange a discount for your group.

The Height of Your Parasail Flight

Depending on the climate, weather, and your tour operator, you may have options for how high you fly when parasailing. However, choosing a higher flight makes the parasailing ride more extended, more exciting, and is usually more expensive.

Fees and Surcharges

Some parasail operators will add various fees and surcharges to the price. For example, there may be harbor fees, booking fees, taxes, or fuel surcharges that are added to the total costs.

Extras and Amenities

Parasail tour operators often offer extras and amenities that may drive up the cost of your package. For example, you may be able to get included transportation to and from your hotel, a photo package of your parasailing flight, or purchase activity packages that include parasailing, boat tours, and other water sports. Choosing an activity package can be a great way to save money on vacation, especially if you have a large group of people who want to do everything. In addition, it is more affordable than booking parasailing, snorkeling, jet skis, etc., individually.

Your Negotiating Skills

Some parasail operators are open to negotiating a fair price, especially in countries where haggling is more customary. Many parasail operators also offer price matching, so it’s worth getting a few quotes for your desired dates and services and comparing them. You may be able to get a good deal on parasailing with price matching or negotiating a better rate.

Consider traveling in the off-season for the most affordable parasailing, bringing a large group, and negotiating a good price for your desired package.

Average Costs To Go Parasailing in the US

Because you can go parasailing just about anywhere with wind and water, you can parasail almost anywhere in the US. From coast to coast, the Great Lakes to Lake Tahoe, and even your local rivers, nearly every recreational waterway has available parasailing. Here are some typical US destinations and average summer prices for a single parasailer:

  • Hawaii
  • Oahu $50
  • Maui $150
  • Pacific Coast
  • Oregon Coast $65
  • San Diego
  • Seattle $100
  • Western States
  • Ozarks $65
  • Lake Tahoe $80
  • Great Lakes: $65 – $85
  • Gulf Coast
  • Destin & Biloxi $50
  • Tampa $85
  • Atlantic Coast
  • Hudson River $55
  • Atlantic City $70
  • Cape Cod & Miami $110

This list is not exhaustive but may help plan a budget for your specific parasailing trip within the United States.

Best Places In The World To Go Parasailing (With Average Costs)

If you want the ultimate parasailing adventure, grab your passport. Most of the best parasailing locations globally are outside the US, and many are exceptionally affordable. Here are some of the most popular parasailing destinations globally, along with the average cost to go parasailing in these places.

Copacabana, Brazil

Rio’s most famous beach is one of the world’s best places to parasail. It offers deep blue water, golden sands, perfect surfing waves, and warm, sunny weather all year long. Parasailing at Copacabana is an incredible experience, offering unmatched views of Rio de Janeiro and Sugarloaf Mountain’s Christ the Redeemer.

Average cost to parasail Copacabana: $100

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is situated on a peninsula surrounded by water, with mountains behind it, creating incredible opportunities for parasailing. Because it is in the southern hemisphere, the hottest months are December and January, making it a popular getaway for people who want a break from winter weather. The combination of views of the city, the ocean, and the mountains makes parasailing in Cape Town unforgettable.

Average cost to parasail Cape Town: $60

Goa, India

Situated on the Arabian Sea, Goa’s beaches are a world-famous tourist attraction for all kinds of water sports. Anjuna, Palolem, and Arambol beaches are just a few places where visitors can enjoy incredible sands, gorgeous water, and every type of activity. The climate is warm and tropical all year long, although monsoon rains in the summer deter most visitors. For the ultimate experience, take a boat ride out to Grande Island for parasailing, diving, and water sports packages at fantastic prices, and it’s worth haggling to get an even better price.

Average cost to parasail Goa: $30

Sydney Harbor, Australia

Sydney Harbor offers warm, mild weather all year long, which is one of the reasons it’s so central to outdoor recreational life for visitors and locals alike. Breathtaking views of the city and the harbor are offset by the gorgeous South Pacific Ocean, and the complexity of the waterway gives many options for different parasailing experiences.

Average cost to parasail Sydney Harbor: $85

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and one of the best places in the world for parasailing. Because of its proximity to the equator, the tropical climate has little seasonal variation, making it an incredible destination all year long. It is surrounded by beaches as an island, but the westward beaches facing the Bay of Bengal offer the best parasailing. A favorable exchange rate also makes Phuket highly affordable to visitors.

Average cost to parasail Phuket: $30

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun borders the Caribbean Sea and is world-famous for its beaches, resorts, nightlife, and fantastic warm weather and water all year long. The best weather in Cancun is in springtime, which draws spring break visitors from around the world. The combination of crystal clear water, towering hotels, and white sandy beaches make for incredible views when parasailing.

Average cost to parasail Cancun: $65


This overview will help you know the average costs of parasailing in the United States and worldwide, along with some tips about the best seasons to plan a parasailing vacation and how to get a great price on parasailing. Parasailing is an incredible adventure and can be enjoyed around the world or in your own backyard, so don’t miss out on this fantastic experience.