Is Parasailing Fun?

Around the world, parasailing has seen an explosion in popularity. It is now offered at nearly every popular water recreation site, and the demand for parasailing continues to grow yearly.

With so many people enjoying the activity, you may probably assume that parasailing is a fun adventure. But why is parasailing fun, and can it be even more enjoyable? First, let’s find out is parasailing is fun.

Reasons Why Parasailing Is Fun

Parasailing is incredibly fun, which is why more and more people are buying parasailing equipment, and entrepreneurs are opening their own parasailing businesses. But why is parasailing fun? Here are some of the main reasons:

Parasailing Helps You Appreciate Nature

When parasailing, you get to enjoy the feel of sun, wind, and ocean spray on your skin. You will see incredible views of natural and urban landscapes and gain a new perspective on the water.

Parasailing can make the same-old-same-old of your favorite vacation areas and recreational spots fresh and unique, giving you a new appreciation for the places you know and love.

Parasailing Offers a New Experience

If you’ve had your fill of swimming and boating, parasailing provides a new activity and new experience to enjoy. It is an excellent option for people who crave new and exciting experiences or want to do things others haven’t done.

Parasailing Is Highly Accessible

Parasailing is usually available for virtually anyone who can swim, including kids as young as 6 and healthy seniors of any age. It is also an excellent activity for people with physical disabilities, and many parasail operators offer specialized harnesses for people in wheelchairs. While many water adventures have limitations that reduce the types of people who participate, generally speaking, parasailing is open to everyone as long as:

  • They are over the age of 18 or accompanied by an adult
  • Are physically able to float and swim
  • They weigh 100-450 pounds. People weighing less than 100 pounds should choose tandem parasailing flights, paired with another person to reach the weight requirements.

For more information about parasail safety, read more here, and always check safety rules and guidelines with your specific tour operator.

Parasailing Is an Exciting Activity

Parasailing is exciting, naturally raising your adrenaline level and filling you with energy. This natural adrenaline boost not only makes parasailing fun but can also boost your immune and cardiovascular systems.

Parasailing Is a Gentle Adventure

Parasailing is considered a “soft” adventure sport. The ascent and descent are smooth and controlled, so you don’t have the stomach-lurching feel of a rollercoaster. While flying, you glide evenly at a controlled altitude, with plenty of time to look around and enjoy the scenery. Parasailing balances the excitement of flight with a smooth, steady ride, which makes it fun for people who don’t enjoy more aggressive adventure rides.

Parasailing Improves Your Mood

The combination of sun, wind, and adrenaline is enjoyable for most people. In addition, salty sea air is full of mood-enhancing negative ions. This improves our ability to absorb oxygen and help balance serotonin.

It may seem ironic that an exciting activity can actually be calming and reduce anxiety, but many people find that exact effect from parasailing.

These are some of the reasons many people think that parasailing is fun, and they want to go parasailing again and again. They find the weightless, floating feeling and the ride’s excitement addictive and make parasailing part of all their water activities.

Is Parasailing Fun

How To Have The Most Fun When Parasailing

If you are new to parasailing, here are some tips to make your parasailing trip as fun as possible.

Wear the Right Clothes

You will be secured beneath the sail by a harness and straps when parasailing. While the ride is brief and stable, it may become uncomfortable if straps are rubbing on your bare skin.

It also may be several degrees cooler in the wind while parasailing than it may be on the hot sand. Therefore, it’s best to wear lightweight clothing covering your skin to make your parasail flight as comfortable as possible.

Consider a Camera

When parasailing, you may have so many sensations simultaneously that it can be hard to capture and remember the whole experience.

Many parasailing operators offer photo packages that take pictures of you during the experience. Or, allow you to rent a head-mounted camera that records the flight from your point of view. Capturing the experience on photos or video may allow you to relive the experience, capture small details, and share your fun adventure with others.

Take a Group

You can almost always parasail alone or in tandem with someone else. Many operators also have options where three people can parasail together, and families may get a good deal with a group rate. Sharing your parasail with someone else is a wonderful way to make the experience more fun and build shared memories that will last a lifetime.

Go Higher

Depending on the weather and your parasailing location, you may be able to choose a higher altitude for your parasailing flight. For example, you may be able to choose between parasailing at heights of 600-800 feet or parasailing at 1,000 feet or more. Going higher makes your parasail flight last longer, improves the view, and makes it more exciting.

Take a Dip

During a typical parasail flight, you won’t get wet at all. But just because you don’t have to doesn’t mean you can’t. If you want to splash your feet on the way down, arrange with your parasail operator to take a dip.

They will allow you to descend lower toward the water during your landing, so you can splash your feet and legs and get a bit wet during your parasail adventure. Taking a dip can make the ride more fun and exciting and cool you off on a hot day. It also puts more “water” in your water sport.

Consider Booking a Package

You can often combine parasailing with a host of other adventures and experiences, which can make your journey even more fun.

For example, you may want to book a parasail package that includes transport to and from your hotel and dinner and drinks on the beach. Or combine parasailing with other water sports, like diving or jet skiing.

Or book parasailing as part of a boat tour, kayaking, or ferry trip to see more remote beaches and water spots you wouldn’t reach otherwise.

Packages are often more affordable than individual experiences and save you time and energy planning your vacation schedule.


Parasailing is fun, and it’s an excellent option for people who may be a bit nervous or anxious about adventure sports. It’s also a wonderful experience for people with physical limitations and may need more accessible adventures, and the whole family can parasail together.

Following these tips will help you have even more fun when parasailing and make the most of this incredible experience.