How to Buy a Mountain Bike Online – 11 Steps

Are you going to buy your first mountain bike? But have a lot of questions in your mind that you want to ask? Well, buying a mountain bike online can be a daunting task as there are so many choices. You’ll always want to make sure you get the right bike for your adventurous experience. What bike should I buy is the most common question of a beginner? While, other questions that might come to your mind like what type you need, what extra you will need, and where to buy?

While buying a mountain bike online, you must know a few things and follow a few simple steps. The first thing you need to know is that it is easy to buy a mountain bike online. Do you need to follow steps like deciding where you are going to use it? 

  • Setting your budget.
  • Knowing the size you want.
  • Knowing about the delivery and assembling process.
  • Some basic things related to service, returns, and warranties. 

But is buying a mountain bike online is right for you? You should consider many things while buying a mountain bike because there are pluses and minuses in buying online and in-store.

Buying trends had been changed in recent years so far, 69% of Americans shop online, and 25% shop online at least once per month. And now in the time of recent pandemic situation, it has shifted the trend towards a more digital world and triggered changes in online shopping behaviors.

Here is a guide on how to buy a mountain bike online in just simple steps in this blog.

What Mountain Bike Do You Want?

When you are looking for a mountain bike online, you probably research, compare models and prices of different brands. There are specification sheets that tell most of the details, but what if your questions are not answered in that spec sheet? Here, you could directly chat with any of the retailers available. Always use the online chat button as a primary interaction.

Other tools that you could use are YouTube videos, Frequently asked questions (FAQs), and toll-free numbers. These all are the ways by which you could find answers to your questions that might not be answered in a spec sheet.

Mountain Bike Suspension or Not?

One of the most important things you must consider while buying a mountain bike online is whether to get a bike with suspension. Mountain bikes with no suspension or rear triangle usually offer a rougher ride, but these mountain bikes are simple and budget-friendly. Go for this type of mountain bike if you plan to ride pavement and not tough trails.

However, if you plan to ride on hard trails and want the cushiest experience, then go for a full-suspension mountain bike. Bikes with shorter suspensions are lighter than compared to others. An ideal mountain bike for a general trail has 120 to 140 millimeters of travel.

Mountain Bike Frame Selection?

The frame of any mountain bike determines the price of that bike. Carbon fiber is one of the expensive materials that are lighter, and it gives the manufacturer the ability to infinitely tune the shape of the bike. Other materials include titanium, steel, and aluminum. Titanium frames are less expensive, and it is just as vibration dampening and lightweight as carbon.

Aluminum is heavier than carbon, and mountain bike made of this material are less expensive. If you want the highest performance bike, then go for a carbon or titanium frame, but steel and aluminum are best for economy and durability. The choice is all yours!

Mountain Bike Wheels

While buying a mountain bike online, considering the wheel is essential. Wheels come in multiple sizes:

  • 26 inch
  • 5 inch
  • 29 inch

The 29-inch wheel category is the largest. The bigger diameter of the wheel gives better momentum, stability, and rollover. However, the 27.5-inch wheel is the best wheel category for every rider. If you plan to ride a bike on rigid and hard trails, then a 29-inch wheel mountain bike offers the best ride.

Mountain Bike Getting the Right Size

While buying any online product, one of the difficulties that most of the customers face is what size I should get? In the same case, buying a mountain bike online is also accompanied by this question. Size must be chosen according to the height and inseam. Chats can be effective in knowing the right size.

Knowing about Mountain Bike Delivery and Assembling Process!

If you plan to buy a mountain bike online, then always consider knowing the delivery and assembling process from the brand you are purchasing. Most online sellers use a variety of ways to deliver your bike, some use local dealers while others use mobile franchise companies.

Another thing to know while buying an online mountain bike is about assembling. Online retailers usually provide assembling services directly. But still, the question is how much assembly is required?

And will it require some specific tools like a torque wrench? If your retailer does not provide any services for assembling, ask about the tools being used while assembling and take proper instructions, either print manuals or step-by-step video guides, or both print manuals or step-by-step video guides, or both. Otherwise, you may risk making a mistake like over-torquing a bolt and damaging parts or even voiding a warranty.

Dealing with Mountain Bike service, returns, and warranties!

Before making the final purchase, check out three things:

  1. How the brand handles returns of damaged items?
  2. How the brand handles warranties?
  3. And where will you take your mountain bike for routine service?

How the brand handles returns of damaged items?

Buying a new mountain bike can be an exciting thing but don’t get carried away with excitement. When your mountain bike arrives in a box, carefully inspect it for obvious damage, like big rips in the cardboard or a hole where an axle is poking through. You have to make a claim when the bike arrives, then don’t unbox it.

Then, notify the brand about the damage. If the box looks good from the outside, then unpack the box and just pay attention to any internal damage—for instance, a bent disc rotor or paint damaged by loose items in the box. Again, document all the damage and immediately contact the brand or retailer.

Most of the time, the damage we see in a shipped mountain bike is bent rear derailleur hangers that can often be easily straightened with special tools.

How the brand handles warranties?

Knowing about the warranty policy is essential for consumer-direct brands that don’t have local retailers handling warranty claims. The seller must be your first approach to claim a warranty.

However, some branded parts like a suspension fork can sometimes be directly warrantied by the brand. If you have brought your bike from any house brand, then the seller is your only contact. Make sure to get an authorization number and shipping label as well as a notification that the claim is in process.

And where will you take your mountain bike for routine service?

Any professional shop can work pretty well on any type of mountain bike. Most of the time, brands provide routine services for their buyers but if not, then don’t worry. Any professional can do this routine service until any part is not damaged.

Make a decision that makes you comfortable

Satisfaction is the only thing that you must experience before making the final purchase of anything. Check all the details and specifications you want in your mountain bike, and then click the ‘buy’ button. Any wrong decision can lead to further consequences.

Buying a mountain bike online could be easier and a fun way if you make the right choice. This complete blog will help you out in finding any of the questions related to your online purchase of a mountain bike.