How Much Does a Parasail Boat Cost?

If you love parasailing, you may want to get your own parasail boat and wonder what it might cost. Is a parasailing boat more expensive than a conventional speedboat?

If you’re investing in a parasail boat, perhaps you want to open your own business and earn money from your investment. So let’s discuss how much does a parasail boat cost.

Difference Between Recreational and Commercial Parasailing

There is a big difference between a parasail boat you might use for personal recreation and one needed to operate a parasailing business. If you want to simply parasail on your own, remember that:

  • You need a boat, sail, harness, rope, etc. that is strong and stable enough to parasail safely and enough experience to install, attach, and use parasailing equipment correctly
  • You will not be able to launch and land on the boat itself. Instead, you will launch from a beach and splashdown in water
  • Amateur parasailing can be dangerous, so check for local guidelines and regulations to ensure you are protecting yourself and your loved ones

If you plan to start offering parasailing rides commercially, here are a few additional things to keep in mind:

  • The best and safest way to provide parasailing rides is with a parasailing boat, with a platform for launch and landing and a winch that controls ascent and descent
  • Your boat, sail, harness, and equipment will need to meet legal standards and guidelines
  • There will also be rules regarding the boat crew and their qualifications
  • Different rules apply depending on the number of passengers you are carrying at once
  • You will need to carry permits and licenses and have special insurance; you should consult with an attorney regarding liability and waivers.

Starting a parasailing business is like starting any other kind of business. Before buying a boat, create a business plan and determine your budget. That will help determine how much money you can spend on equipment, so you know how much your parasailing boat will cost.

What Kind of Boat do You Need for Parasailing?

A parasailing boat is a specialized powerboat with a landing platform and a winch; it’s also called a “winch boat.” A parasailing boat should meet the following criteria:

  • Length: minimum 5 meters
  • Weight: minimum 650 kilos
  • Motor: minimum 140 HP for outboard, 160HP for inboard, and 200HP for inboard/outboard

A parasailing boat also needs to be equipped with:

  • A parasail wing
  • Parasail risers and suspension lines
  • A tow rope at least 10mm in diameter and 120 meters in length, with a 2-ton crush limit
  • A harness or gondola
  • Wind meter
  • Safety gear, including helmets and lifejackets

If you plan on operating a parasailing business and offering tours to the public, here are a couple additional factors that will influence your choice:

Fuel capacity

For a parasailing business, you may want to choose a boat with a high fuel capacity. A larger fuel tank will allow you to operate for more extended periods between refueling, which can help to maximize profits for a parasail business.

Crew capacity

Commercial parasailing tours have various crew requirements, which typically mandate that at least two qualified crew members operate the boat, while two other crew members assist passengers and operate the parasailing equipment. The need to have four crew members aboard at all times limits your capacity for paying passengers.

Comfort accessories

You may want to stand out from other parasail operators in a competitive location by offering a more comfortable or luxurious passenger experience. You may want a refrigerator to provide cold drinks, a sun canopy for relaxing on the boat, a high-quality sound system, or other equipment and services that will appeal to your passengers.

Parasailing boats operated commercially will need to comply with local rules and regulations, so you should always check to make sure your vessel complies with restrictions in your area. All of these considerations will factor into the cost of your parasailing boat.

Can You Use a Regular Speedboat for Parasailing?

A parasailing boat is the easiest and safest way to parasail and is the only boat you can use for commercial parasailing. For personal, recreational use, it is possible to parasail behind a powerboat, with a few considerations:

  • The boat must be a “towboat”- a boat with the speed and power to successfully tow two water skiers or wakeboarders
  • Never attempt to parasail behind smaller boats, jet skis, land vehicles, or other types of watercraft.
  • You must always use a parasail wing, rather than other forms of parachutes or gliders
  • Always ensure that parasail harnesses and risers are attached correctly
  • Parasailers must launch from a clear area of the beach (not from the water or from the boat)
  • Parasailers must always wear life jackets
  • Never allow someone to parasail if they do not know how to swim
  • Check with your local coast guard regarding recreational parasailing guidelines in your area.

How Much Does a Parasail Boat Cost

How Much Does a Parasailing Boat Cost?

As you can tell, you will need a very different kind of boat for a parasailing business than you might need for personal parasailing recreation. If you want to buy a boat for parasailing, here is an overview of parasailing boat costs and considerations:

New Parasail Boat Cost

New parasailing boat prices depend on several factors, including:

  • Boat size
  • Engine power
  • Passenger capacity
  • Optional equipment including upgraded winches, seating, storage, etc.

A new parasail boat can cost $150,000 or more depending on engine power and boat size.

Used Parasail Boat Cost

There are many excellent options for used parasailing boats, and they are easy to find. The prices of used parasail boats primarily depend on:

  • Boat size
  • Boat condition
  • Engine hours
  • Boat year

Look for a used parasail boat in excellent condition with low hours. An older used parasail boat in good condition can cost around $40,000 and up. A newer used parasail boat in good condition typically starts at $90,000. Be cautious of a used parasail boat at an exceptionally low price; like a used car, a used parasail boat may look like a bargain, but not be all it seems.

Tow Boat Cost

If you want to parasail recreationally and enjoy a wide range of watersports on your own, you may want to choose to purchase a towboat instead. An excellent towboat will allow you and your friends and family to enjoy waterskiing, wakeboarding, and parasailing. Some of the factors to look for include:

Hull Shape

Planing hulls are better for waterskiing, while displacement hulls are better for wakeboarding. This is because the ability to plane or displace is driven by hull shape along with engine speed: the formula [1.34] times [the square root of the waterline of the boat in feet] equals [the speed at which a boat will plane]. In other words, a displacement hull can plane at the correct speed, while a planing hull may create some displacement depending on boat weight and ballast.

Engine Power

Power is needed to generate enough plane speed for waterskiing and is also necessary to generate enough wind speed for parasailing.

Generally speaking, a towboat is not less expensive than a parasailing boat. Both types of boats start at about $150,000 for a new boat. However, a great towboat can be more versatile than a parasailing boat, allowing a recreational user to enjoy a broader range of watersports. Therefore, towboats are not suitable for commercial parasailing purposes.


Choosing the right boat is essential for a successful parasailing business. Knowing how much a parasail boat costs will help you make a business plan and budget that generates profit. Because recent years have been hard on the travel and tourism industry, many fantastic used parasail boats with low hours are currently on the market. You can get a great deal on a parasailing boat right now if you shop carefully and negotiate. A great parasailing boat is an investment that can pay off for years, so choose the right boat for your needs and your business.