How Long Does a Parasail Ride Last?

A parasailing ride is a thrilling way to see incredible views and experience the sensation of flying. The smooth ascent and descent feel more stable and secure than rollercoasters and amusement rides, and the wing of a parasail is silent, without a motor or engine noise.

It’s beautiful, natural, and exciting. But how long can you enjoy the unique sensation of parasailing? How long does a parasail ride last? Let’s find out!

Different Parts of a Parasailing Tour

When you book a parasailing adventure, the experience has several components. Here are the different parts of a parasail ride.

Pre-Ride Orientation

Your tour will be scheduled for a specific time. The guides and operators will describe how your parasailing adventure will work. They will also explain any safety guidelines and procedures when you arrive. This will take a few minutes, and it’s essential to pay attention and familiarize yourself with the process.

Boat Ride Out to Ride Location

To successfully sail, a parasailing boat needs to achieve certain speeds. Because the boat also tows and steers the riders, the boat also needs good clearance and distance to provide a good ride for parasailers.

Depending on your location, it may take a few minutes for the boat to reach a good spot on the water for parasailing, where the boat can achieve sufficient speeds and has few obstacles for steering.

The Parasail Ride

Depending on how many people are booked and how many can sail at once, you may need to wait your turn. Then, when it’s time to parasail, you will be secured into a harness, lifted off the boat, and flown in the air. Then, after a certain time at the desired height, you will descend gently and land on the boat again.

The Return

After all passengers have parasailed, the boat will return to the shore.

No matter how long your parasailing adventure is, the actual flight time is only a small portion of the total time.

Parasail Flight Time

Your actual in-flight time parasailing usually lasts for 6-12 minutes, depending on several factors.

How High You Will Parasail

Some operators offer a choice of heights, depending on where you are parasailing and local weather conditions. For example, you may parasail at as low as 300 feet or as high as 1,200 feet. If your operator offers a choice of heights, the higher adventure will last longer because it will take longer for you to reach the desired height.

Your Parasail Tour and Operator

For specific information about flight times, ask your tour guide or operator. Your flight time may depend on how many people are booked on your boat, how many are flying at once, local weather and water conditions, etc.

Parasail Boat Time

Most parasail adventures last a total of 60-90 minutes. This depends on how long it takes the boat to reach the parasailing location on the water, how many people are booked for the adventure, etc. You may also be able to “ride along” on a parasailing tour, enjoying the boat ride without actually flying.

How Long Does a Parasail Ride Last

Can You Parasail for Longer?

If you love parasailing and want to spend more time in the sky, consider chartering a parasailing tour that is customized for you. Most parasailing destinations have companies that will happily allow you to charter your own parasailing boat and customize your adventure.

Also, if you are a member of a group and book a charter boat with friends and family, it may be more affordable than you think.

Remember, even when you charter your own boat, there may be limitations to how long you can extend your flight time.

Experienced operators will discuss your desires and options before booking. This will allow you a customized parasailing experience.

How to Make the Most of Your Parasailing Tour

Because most of your time on a parasailing adventure will take place on the boat rather than on the air, here are a few things to look for.


Many parasail companies take as many passengers as possible on every tour to maximize profits. However, this may mean that your time on the boat is a bit crowded and less comfortable than it might otherwise be. When possible, look for a boat that is not booked to capacity, so you have more space to relax on the journey.

Crew and Staff

It is highly subjective, but you will enjoy your parasailing adventure more if you like and trust the crew and staff of your tour. Naturally, you want an expert crew with years of experience to ensure your safety and comfort at all times, but it’s also nice to spend time with staff who you find likable and enjoyable.

Comfort and Amenities

Look for parasailing tours that offer more amenities for your comfort and enjoyment on board. For example, you may want to choose a boat with a sunshade or canopy, complimentary refreshments, or other amenities. You may also want to book a parasail ride that includes local transportation to and from your hotel or a central location.

Packages and Tours

Many companies will allow you to combine parasailing with other activities in discount packages. For example, you may be able to book parasailing adventures, jet skis or kayak rides, scuba or snorkeling, or even meals and drinks as part of a larger package. Choosing a package can save time and money since you don’t have to book and schedule your different activities separately.


Most parasail tours last for about an hour, while most parasail rides last just 6 minutes. To extend your flight time, look for a parasailing adventure that allows you to fly higher for longer. Or, consider chartering your own parasailing boat for a custom adventure.

No matter what kind of parasailing flight you choose, look for a parasail boat that is comfortable and enjoyable. Plus, look for an operator with an excellent reputation and experience.

Making sure that you enjoy your time on the boat, as well as your time in the air, is the best way to have a wonderful time when parasailing.