10 Reasons to Take a Hike On Vacation

When we envision our next vacation, most of us think lounging poolside with a mojito in hand. A rare handful of us see vacation as an opportunity to tackle the nearest peak. Most of us go away on vacation to relax and rejuvenate, but there are some that also take advantage of our time away from work by adding a little adventure. While you may be scratching your head wondering why, there are a number of reasons to take a hike on vacation. Here are just a few of those reasons:

1. Explore New Territory

A vacation is an opportunity to travel to places in the world you’ve never seen before. These places may have white-sand beaches but chances are there are also paths to explore. Seize the moment and take in everything this new place has to offer. Step away from the pool for an afternoon and instead broaden your sights by exploring nearby trails.

2. Watch A Sunset

There are few things more breathtaking than a sunset. Let alone a sunset in a new city. Rather than watching a sunset on a packed beach or a rowdy bar, remove yourself from the crowd and watch it from the top of a peak. The quiet serenity that surrounds you as you watch the sun dip below the horizon will be reward enough.

3. Take in Miles of Views

You are new to an area you may never visit again, you might as well see all you can. What better way to do this than by climbing to the top of a mountain. Here, you will be able to see views that many other tourists do not have the opportunity to see. While they are getting drunk on booze, you’ll find yourself drunk in love at the views that surround you.

4. Stay Active

It is easy for pounds to quickly add up on vacation. Between eating most of your meals out, drinking more than usual, and staying sedentary, it’s no wonder many of us have to diet immediately after vacationing. Instead of hitting the small hotel gym, take advantage of your surroundings and take a hike along a nearby trail. This will help you stay active while keeping you entertained.

5. Escape the Crowds

A vacation is about spending time away from others. You are taking a few days to yourself to get away your coworkers, your friends, maybe even your family. If you spend all your time at your hotel, you will inevitably be surrounded by people. Taking a hike on vacation gives yourself the opportunity to escape the world. There may be crowds of people on the beach, but there likely won’t be crowds of people at the top of a mountain.

6. Do Something Different

What do paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, and tanning have in common? They are activities just about every vacationer does. Not many can come back and say, “I took a hike to one of the most breathtaking views I’ve ever seen.” Stray from what the crowd does and try something different. Talk with the locals and find out where the best trails are in the area. You can also research trails in the area you are visiting beforehand.

7. Feel Better About Indulging

When you are at home, how guilty do you feel when you eat an extra slice of cake after you’ve lounged by the pool all day? Now compare that to how guilty you feel after spending a couple hours at the gym. Indulging in our favorite treats always feels better after burning a few calories. Take a hike and splurge on a big dinner after. After all, you earned it!

8. Meet Locals

If you’re taking a hike in a city that’s not your own, you likely will run into more locals than you will tourists. This is your opportunity to connect with people who are familiar with this area. You can get an unbiased opinion on the best beaches, adventures, and restaurants to check out. They might also have some tips on other hikes you should check out in the area.

9. Get A Good Night of Sleep

Sometimes it can be difficult to fall asleep in a bed that’s not our own. A long hike may be just what you need to unwind. A daily dose of nature can help combat symptoms of stress, low energy, and excess sleeping. Stepping into nature also helps increase melatonin levels which help you fall asleep faster and for longer.

10. Take in a New Experience

Whether you are taking a solo vacation or vacationing with a friend, hiking on vacation helps you create a new memory. This memory is one that will likely remain a snapshot in your mind for some time to go. Life is all about experiences, and creating as many positive ones as you can. Taking a hike in a new city during a trip of a lifetime will likely be an experience you’ll never forget.