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How to Make a UTV Street Legal?

UTVs or side-by-sides are a hell of a lot of fun. They work twice as hard as a four-wheeler with half the mastery of a dirt bike and make off-roading look like child's play. However, with all that UTV fun comes restrictions. The main…
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Are Side-by-Sides Street Legal in Texas?

Utility Task Vehicles, more colloquially known as side-by-sides, are designed to handle varied terrain, typically off-road. This may be the reason why they’re rather popular in a place with wide-open spaces like Texas. However, taking…
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Do Side-by-Sides Have VIN Numbers?

VINs or Vehicle Identification Numbers are used to differentiate between vehicles. Each VIN is unique and tells a lot of helpful information on a vehicle. Side-by-sides, although quite different than the traditional car, also have VINs. The…
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Do Side-by-Sides Need Insurance?

Side-by-sides or utility task vehicles (UTVs) enable you to transport passengers, haul small trailers, or simply enjoy off-roading. They’re called side-by-sides because they either have two seats next to each other or a bench, unlike a…
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